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Cable car drive in Le Corbier

A 340,000 Nm KESSLER energy motor drives the cable car in the Le Corbier ski resort in the French Alps.

7 million euros have been invested in the construction of a new detachable 6-seater chairlift. With the new ski lift, tourists now arrive much faster at the mountain station, which is located at an altitude of around 2,400 meters. The chairlift is also more comfortable, more energy-efficient and quieter than its predecessor.

Over the past three years, a total of 27 million euros has been invested in the modernization of the cable cars in the Les Sybelles ski resort.

With Le Corbier's webcam you can get the latest impressions of the weather and slope conditions:


The company

KESSLER energy GmbH operates within the KESSLER Group, using optimized assembly lines for the production of electrical drives. KESSLER energy accompanies the product from the electrical and mechanical construction, to the numerical calculations using the finite element methods and analytical calculation programs to the testing, commissioning and parameter optimization of the end result. KESSLER motors meet the highest efficiency requirements. The company also reinforces the drive technology expertise of the KESSLER Group in new application areas.

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Thruster drive for a superyacht

KESSLER energy is supplying the motor for a rim thruster for a trimaran superyacht. The motor is part of the Schottel Rim Thruster (SRT), which is a propulsion unit that does not use a gearbox or drive shaft. For the first time, Schottel is delivering an SRT to Australian superyacht specialist Echo Yachts. The Schottel Group is a leading manufacturer of propulsion and maneuvering systems for vessels and offshore applications.

High-speed torque motor for a highly efficient propulsion unit

The yacht is currently under construction and will provide ample room for 22 guests in the spacious, luxurious interior of this aluminum ship. The SRT thruster is a quiet, low-vibration propulsion system. Integrated in this system is the highly efficient KESSLER energy torque motor which is continuously cooled by the surrounding water. The Speed Torque Motor for maritime applications delivers 13,800 Nm at a maximum speed of 494 rpm. The superyacht is expected to be launched in the near future.

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Achieving optimal results with energy-efficient motors: Innovative modifications to the motor components have enabled us to reduce the rotor and stator losses by 25%. COOLMOTION® technology reduces the heat input in the application completely to a minimum. The new generation of inverter-optimized COOLMOTION®-motors is based on a low-loss design and enhanced heat dissipation. COOLMOTION® technology is not only implemented in the installation-compatible HTM-, the torque-optimized HTMx and the high speed STMx-motors, but also provides very short acceleration times for KESSLER motor spindles and a compact design by performance-enhanced motors. COOLMOTION® for KESSLER rotary tilt tables optimizes 5-axis simultaneous machining, provides maximum standstill torque and effects minimum heat input in the machine structure.

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